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Angel Woods

The. Cilly Cell Project Intl
Founder/ Executive Director
Georgia, USA
Miss Angel Woods is a Patient/ Advocate, International Chaplin, Singer/ Songwriter, Playwriter, the founder of The Cilly Cell Project Intl and creator of the 1st cartoon Character that we are aware of for Sickle Cell Disease created by an African American woman born with Hemoglobin SC Disease (Sickle Diseas type SC)I shes also the Author of "Jeffrey's Story: A Time Of Sickle Cell Crisis" a children's book that educates on Sickle Cell and healthy eating; as well as the Author of "Journaling Through My Healing" which is a Healing Journal with a Scripture on each page for teens and adults. The Cilly Cell Project Intl offers a program that
is especially for Children but the organization was created to help adults, Children and families that have been affected by Sickle Cell Disease and other Diseases. We offer hospital visitation for Children and adult warriors during their hospital stay.. They are given gifts and snacks. The project offers food to the community every Friday in Decatur Ga.
Our program for children offers Cilly Cell herself to come read the book to the children and interact with them about Sickle Cell. Upon Cilly Cell coming out to your facility, We'd like for a book for each child to be purchased so they can read along with Cilly Cell and she also brings a gift for each child which is currently a dog tag featuring Cilly Cell, our Totally Healed Logo and an encoded message of Healing Which is a song that can be downloaded. The Cilly Cell Themesong with a Cilly dance that can be taught to the children as a Sing-along is in the process of being made available or may currently be available at this event.
For our older teens and adults wed like to offer the purchase of our Healing Journal for each participate and we're also in the process of releasing another book of Hope that the older children and adults can relate to. Angel Cilly Cell comes as a motivational speaker who was born with Sickle Cell Disease but lives a life of Divine Healing. She knows the struggle of living with Sickle Cell all to well. But in the midst of it all God gave her a vision of a character to give others Hope,Joy and laughter. He also gave her a vision of a resource center that provides resources for warriors that is in the making. In the meantime she helps in anyway she can. Currently she has another Warrior born with Sickle Cell and her 2 children living in her home that she desires to turn into THE HOUSE Of HOPE someday. The vision is far greater then can be shared here but feel free to ask Angel Cilly Cell anything. She's ready to advocate and stand up for Justice for you so know you're never alone. We introduce to you The Cilly Cell Project Intl and our founder Angel Cilly Cell Woods .
If you'd like either one of these programs or both at your next conferences or events contact us at tccfoundationintl@gmail.com and or 404-919- CELL (2355)/678-517-2425