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Sandra J. Quinn Bailey, LACP, AU, AINS

Women Financial Power
Greater Memphis Area
Hello, my name is Sandra. I am so passionate about insurance & financial services that I've spent over 38 years in the industry. Founded in 2013, Women Financial Power is a business aimed at educating and promoting financial literacy and security to successful individuals and business owners with a special focus on women.
Our emphasis is non-qualified retirement plans that generate 25% to 30% more income for the average individual than a 401K. We help you shield and protect an unlimited amount of income from taxes and build wealth without market risk.
I serve as a board member for the National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors, volunteer for the Financial Leadership Ministry at Memphis Theological Seminary School and I’m a member of Hope Church.

A few questions to talk to me about:
• What is the missing link for caregivers?
• Do I qualify for an in-service distribution?
• What are the different types of life insurance
• What options do I have for a pension at an old job?
• What are my options for Long Term Care Coverage?
• What can I do with my old 401k left at a previous job?
• Is life insurance available for my loved one with health conditions?
Ask me anything regarding insurance, long term care, retirement planning, business planning, etc.!
Hope to see you soon!