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Minimarie Andrews

Mother. Wife. Educator. Advocate
"Sharing my journey and encouraging others through faith, family, real-life experiences and purpose!"

Minimarie Andrews is passionate about serving others and providing encouragement. Her mission is to inspire others through living a life purpose lead with intention personally along with cultivating healthy families. She knows that all families differ in structure, challenges and circumstances.
Purpose Filled Mommy encourages and inspires those families dealing with similar experiences such as co-parenting, coping with a spouse living with a chronic illness and raising children with special needs. Minimarie is an advocate for Sickle Cell and Autism Awareness.
No family is perfect, but together we can get through life's challenges. Mother-hood is an unpredictable journey, but it's great to know that you're not alone. Children are a joy, but raising them can be a handful. Join Minimarie this week for inspiration, helpful tips, fun and more!